Placing a Hold on a Die Cut

Here are complete instructions for placing a hold on a die cut:

  1. Go to the Staff Catalog
  2. Type scls dies into the search bar (Keyword or Title)
  3. Choose the record and place a hold (request the item)
    1. A-B
    2. C-F
    3. G-L
    4. M-P
    5. Q-Z
    6. Alphabet and Numbers
  4. Use your library’s staff card or the department’s staff card.  Please check with circulation and make sure your card has a 0 p type.
  5. Place a specific hold on the die you would like to request
  6. Choose your Pickup location
  7. If requesting more than 1 die, repeat process for each

SCLS Resources

Librarians’ Alliance for Parents and Children (LAPC) Listserv – the electronic discussion group of the Librarians’ Alliance for Parents and Children, a coalition formed for librarians who conduct Parent-Toddler Workshops in Suffolk County (NY) public libraries.

New York State Performers & Programs Database – A new state-wide resource for librarians to use in finding performers and programs available for library events. 

SCLS Ellison & Accu/Cut Dies – A complete list of dies available from SCLS Youth Services. Instructions for requesting a die can be found here.

SCLS Program Resource File – Find a program or let other librarians know about your experiences with a performer.

SCLS Streaming Media Database – Videos of the 2010 SCLS Performers Showcase can be found on this site.

YouthNet – An electronic discussion group focused on issues in youth services for the public libraries of Suffolk County, New York.