Book Club Kits at the Madison Public Library

My best friend lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and this Saturday we took a trip to the downtown branch with her baby girl to get the storytime schedule. I was struck by this great idea: a table full of book club kits for children and tweens. The sign reads:

Ever wish your friend could get their hands on the book you’re reading?? Borrow as many copies as you need for your friends or your Book Club. Great for the classroom, too!

A folder with supplementary material comes with each set of books. What a great way to get kids interested in forming a book club!

Another fun activity at the Madison Public Library is Donuts with Dad, a program offered once a month on Saturdays. The librarian I met reported that over a hundred people have shown up at this special time for fathers and their kids to enjoy stories, movies and snacks.

Later this year, the downtown branch will close for major renovations. I look forward to seeing the finished building and finding more great ideas at the Madison Public Library!