New Die Cuts for Summer 2011

SCLS Youth Services has recently added a complete line of 4″ block number and letter (both upper and lower case) dies. We’ve also added the Passport. To request a die cut, please refer to the directions.

Have you purchased new die cuts recently and would like to share them with other libraries? Please contact Youth Services and we’ll update the list.

Placing a Hold on a Die Cut

Here are complete instructions for placing a hold on a die cut:

  1. Go to the Staff Catalog
  2. Type scls dies into the search bar (Keyword or Title)
  3. Choose the record and place a hold (request the item)
    1. A-B
    2. C-F
    3. G-L
    4. M-P
    5. Q-Z
    6. Alphabet and Numbers
  4. Use your library’s staff card or the department’s staff card.  Please check with circulation and make sure your card has a 0 p type.
  5. Place a specific hold on the die you would like to request
  6. Choose your Pickup location
  7. If requesting more than 1 die, repeat process for each