Find a Grave in Cutchogue

The Find a Grave Project offers the opportunity for people to request photos of headstones in cemeteries throughout the United States. Requests come from family and friends who don’t live near the cemetery and from genealogy researchers. 

On Saturday, October 15th, a Find a Grave Project event was conducted by the Cutchogue New Suffolk Library at the Old Burying Ground in Cutchogue. Children’s Librarian Bev Christianson led a group of four young people and two adults to photograph headstones from the late 1700s and early 1800s to fulfill photo requests. 

“I was especially interested in doing this project with young people because it involved local history, community service, research skills, photography, and technology,” Bev said. “The two adults that accompanied us were just as interested and involved as the children.”

Pictured here is one young patron photographing the headstone of Charlotte Goldsmith, who was born in 1792 and died in 1828 at the age of thirty-six.

For more information about the Find a Grave project, visit or contact Bev at the Cutchogue New Suffolk Library.

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