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With the fall publishing boom, the approach of Mock Discussion season, and my attempt to catch up with children’s literature’s back catalog, I’m turning to every format available to read books. There’s the CD in my car, the book in my lunch bag, the e-reader on my night stand, and the MP3 on my phone. This format – MP3 – has the least availability on Overdrive, making it difficult to find something to listen to on my phone. I did some digging on, however, and found a few things of interest:

The 39 Clues

If you’re trying to keep up with Amy and Dan, try David Pittu’s narration of The 39 Clues series. His stage performance experience lends itself to these dramatic mystery/adventures. Suffolk libraries own the new Cahills vs. Vespers series, too. Even listening to one or two will give you enough sense of the series to discuss it with its fans.

The Hunger Games

If you haven’t read or completed this series by Suzanne Collins, now’s the time; the movie is in post-production and will hit theaters next year. You might recognize narrator Carolyn McCormick’s voice from Law & Order (pictured at left); she does a fine job in her performance of Katniss and the many other characters of Panem.

The Bloody Jack Series

This humorous historical-adventure by L.A. Meyer is narrated by Katherine Kellgren. To quote Audiofile magazine, “Kellgren has recorded well over 100 audiobooks and won four Audie Awards, three ALA Odyssey Honors, eight AudioFile Earphones Awards . . . and the list of honors goes on.” If you’re unfamiliar with this series, give the first one a try and enjoy one of Kellgren’s best performances.

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