Cancer Services Program – What Children’s Services Staff Should Know

Staff members from the Cancer Services Program (CSP) of Eastern and Western Suffolk County were at SCLS this morning to share information about their services. CSP wishes to reach out to uninsured or underinsured adults who work or reside in Suffolk County. Below is a summary of key information that may be useful to children’s services staff as they encounter parents and grandparents struggling with cancer-related health issues.

  • CSP provides services ranging from preventative screening, diagnosis, transportation, and child care to women over 40 and men over 50 who may have or wish to prevent colorectal, breast, or cervical cancer.
  • CSP provides referral services to people who have other types of cancer and adults who fall outside the women over 40/men over 50 age category.
  • CSP staff is interested in partnering with libraries, attending health fairs, and hosting informational programs for parents in the library.

For more information about the Cancer Services Program, visit the CSP’s website.

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