Homework Help

School is starting up and it won’t be long before kids are in your library looking for homework help. In a few weeks, WBLI will begin running an ad campaign that will direct thousands of listeners to Live-brary.com to find the “word of the day.” That word will allow them to enter into a weekly drawing for $50 gift certificates to Friendly’s. What does that mean for librarians?

Now is the time to try the Brainfuse product!

If you haven’t logged in yet, I urge you to try it before the ad campaign begins on September 19th. You can try it two ways: you can pretend you are a student and ask a question, or you can simply tell the tutor you are a librarian testing out the product so you’re ready to show it to kids, teens, and parents. The tutor will gladly demonstrate the site for you. Remember, this is no bother to the tutors – they are getting paid and right now is a slow time of year for the service!

In addition to trying the service, please take advantage of the free promotional kit SCLS Youth Services has prepared. If your library does not have this kit yet, contact Tracy at SCLS. To assist you with promoting the service, Live-brary.com and Homework Help talking points are available here.

Practice demonstrating the service to a patron today!

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