Heather Forest visits Nesconset

On Thursday, August 25th, Heather Forest performed in the community room of the Smithtown Library’s Nesconset Branch to an appreciative audience of children and parents. According to Christine Dengel, children’s librarian trainee at the Smithtown Library, Heather got the audience participating right from the get go. “Everyone was basically a storyteller,” Christine reported, and then went on to say the following:

Heather incorporates various musical instruments into all of her stories, so they can be appreciated as ballads.  In one moment she’ll be singing and strumming her guitar, and then she’ll immediately shift gears and her voice becomes one of the characters in the story.   The audience laughed every time Heather imitated the squeaking mouse.  This was especially true for the circular tales like The Turnip and The Little Red Hen, which can become tedious in their repetition.  Not true with Heather; she brought them both to life with music and humor.   Even those of us who cannot sing were able to join in the music.  We’d clap to keep the rhythm, so we were the percussion instruments.  Then of course everyone clapped at the end because it was a fantastic performance.

To learn from this internationally known storyteller firsthand, join us on September 14th for Heather’s presentation The Magic of Words: A Storytelling Skills Workshop at SCLS. The program begins promptly at 9:30am.

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