What’s New for Back to School

Are your usual back to school stories all checked out? Are your displays looking picked over? Try directing your patrons to Live-brary for Kids, where the latest school stories will be featured for the next two weeks. Here are some of my favorite school stories this year:

Argus by Michelle Knudsen, illustrated by Andrea Wesson. This is the kindest, funniest book about inclusion and tolerance I’ve ever seen, and the best part is: it’s not obviously about either. Young readers will be too busy laughing at the zany dragon and the “clueless” teacher to know they’re learning how to be good classroom citizens.

Brave New Pond by Jennifer L. Holm*, illustrated by Matthew Holm. Okay, this one’s not published until September, but it’s never too early to build excitement (and hold queues) for a second volume in a great new graphic novel series. In this installment, Squish is hoping the first day of a new school year will give him a fresh start – no more detention!  

Eddie Gets Ready For School by David Milgrim. Eddie’s got big ideas about what to wear and take to school, but mom has other opinions. This story, told in a running check list, is a hilarious look at how a preschooler and mother can meet in the middle on morning decisions.

What’s your favorite school story?

*Don’t forget to register for Lit-Fest, where you can meet Jennifer Holm in person!

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