What is “The Unbound Experience?”

is a symposium for Suffolk County Public Library staff interested in new ideas for working with non-print materials.  This event will take place at SCLS on Friday, September 9, 2011 from 9:30am – 1:00pm. The line-up of presenters includes:

Ruckus Media

Rick Richter: Why one man walked away from traditional publishing to form an independent  family entertainment company.


Andrea Eshelman: Do people learn more effectively by reading or by listening? Hear the results of a new study.


Ron Richards, VP of External Relations for Graphicly and Co-founder of iFanboy: Enjoys combining his computer skills with his love of comics and frequently asks himself “What would Scott Summers do?”


T.J. Waters: How traditional author events can morph into customized eBook events. 

*Playaway will also be demonstrating the Playaway View at an exhibitor’s booth in the auditorium.

Continue the Discussion

On September 23rd at 10am, participants of The Unbound Experience will be gathering to Continue the Discussion at SCLS. Please join us and come prepared to discuss any of the following: Googled by Ken Auletta, The Shallows by Nicholas Carr and/or the article The Web is Dead. Long Live the Internet.”

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