On one of the hottest days of the year so far, Linda and Amy took me on a stroll through Sachem Public Library’s beautiful gardens, which are aptly named Inside/Out.

The purpose of the space, Linda says, “is to extend the library’s space outdoors, to get people up and moving.”

Strolling through the garden is one way to get moving; 11 laps around the circular path equals one mile. But Amy has a different kind of movement in mind with the two outdoor programs she’s planning for kids this summer: Mud and Where the Wild Things Are. “They can have their wild rumpus out here!” she says.

A brand new service this year is the Nature Explorer Kits, which are available for families to take out into the garden. Four types of kits are available, the Nature Explorer Kit, Nature Builder Kit 1 and Nature Builder Kit 2 (designed for older kids) and Nature Musician. These kits feature tools and toys children can use to explore, build, and make music in the outdoors. Many of the items are made out of natural wood.

For all the tech-types in the community, Sachem has extended its Wi-Fi services into the gardens. For music lovers, outdoor concerts are planned throughout the summer. With its contemplative garden, nature walk, and occasional wild rumpus, Inside/Out truly has something for everyone.

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