Children’s Book Apps: Coming to a Library Near You?

At last week’s meeting of Suffolk County Children’s Department Managers, iPads in the children’s room were a hot topic. Purchasing iPads to replace children’s game computers, circulating iPads directly to customers, and using iPads in children’s programs were discussed. But with new children’s book apps coming on the market every day, what should you collect for a library iPad? Fortunately, librarians have a few more sources today than they did six months ago.

Kirkus has been reviewing children’s book apps since earlier this year. The column called “Interactive E-Books” appears at the beginning of each issue. At SLJ’s Day of Dialog, Touch and Go, SLJ’s new review blog for apps, was announced and a press release is up on their site. At the moment I’m writing this, nothing yet appears on this brand new blog. But while the world waits for Touch and Go’s first review, take a look at this discussion among the members of SLJ’s advisory board for reviewing kids’ book apps.

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