Did you miss SCLA’s Young Adult Services Division’s program “A Celebration of Celebrations: A Year’s Worth of Quirky Program Ideas for Teens and Tweens” at the 2011 Long Island Library Conference? I did, unfortunately, but a fellow YASD member has shared her take on the fun and informative program:

The program was presented by Young Adult librarians, Joanne Albano from Commack Public Library and Jennifer Fowler from the West Islip Public Library. The concept of the event was for every attendee to leave with 12 unique program ideas celebrating the most obscure holidays.

The program started off on a fun note as volunteers from the audience participated in a mini “Cupcake Wars” challenge (to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day).  Each team had to design the most creative cupcake display using the ingredients in front of them. Did I mention that each team was tethered together and they only had two minutes to complete the task? 

Joanne and Jennifer then led the audience through 12 months of creative programs that included a Bubble Gum Fear Factor Competition, How to Create Jellybean Art, Edible Harry Potter Potions, Pig Latin lessons and a Pet Rock Project (complete with the Jersey Shore’s Snookie and JWOWW rock incarnations).

The program concluded with a celebration of Bob Barker’s Birthday and game shows!  For this portion, volunteers got to participate in a couple of “Minute to Win It” challenges that included trying to get a cookie from the top of their foreheads to their mouths – without using hands!

Who was today’s fabulous ghost-writer? I cannot reveal my sources, but I can tell you that all of the handouts for the twelve program ideas presented are available at the SCLA/YASD blog!

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