Nutsawoo: Tiara or No Tiara?

Maryrose Wood, author of the series The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, appeared at the Northport Public Library on the eve of today’s long-awaited Authors Unlimited event. On the same day as the Royal Wedding, children in Northport celebrated another thrilling event: Miss Lumley and the Incorrigibles’ trip to London (or as Cassiopeia calls it, Londawoo) the setting of the latest book, The Hidden Gallery.

Wood, who studied improvisational comedy, involved six children in a story-telling game called “Yes, And…” The first child told a line of the story, and the second continued it beginning with “Yes, and…” In that way, each child needed to agree with what was said before. The other rule, Wood explained, was: “You can’t think ahead about what you will say.” The children told a truly chilling tale of a knight who is slain and reincarnated – twice – and undergoes a questionable medical procedure.

The charismatic author also had the children thinking about the challenges of writing. “What is the hardest part of writing a story?” she asked the group. Among the many answers was: “The beginning, the middle, and the end.” Luckily for fans of this series, we have a long way to go until the end – Wood promised a total of six books before all the mysteries surrounding the charming children raised by wolves and their patient governess are solved.

As for the squirrel, Nutsawoo, it is determined that he does not have the appropriate luggage for the trip and shall instead keep an eye on the nursery while the children adventure in London.

1 thought on “Nutsawoo: Tiara or No Tiara?

  1. I want to hear this “yes and” story that was invented by the audience! It sounds riveting!

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