Folklore, Fairy Tales, Fables & More

The Children’s Department of the South Country Public Library has done away with Dewey in a few of their collections, including their newly arranged Folklore, Fairy Tales, Fables & More collection. The children’s staff have pulled books in this genre and arranged them in a new classification system: J Folklore General, J Folklore Cultural, J Folklore Mythological, J Folklore Popular, and J Folklore Scary.

Within these categories, stories from certain countries are grouped together, as are popular stories like Cinderella. Staff and patrons no longer have to look for the story of Little Red Riding Hood in multiple places. At first, parents had questions about the new arrangement, but now the patrons have learned the new system and the books are circulating well. As you can see, the area is very attractive and features face out displays and a beautiful hand-made sign.

4 thoughts on “Folklore, Fairy Tales, Fables & More

  1. An interesting idea! I have been following Darien CT and their foray into a land of non -dewey picture books, and the idea of starting with folktales and such seems like a smart idea! Great job South Country!

  2. I hear the newly remodeled Farmingdale Public Library has reorganized their picture book section as well. There is a Suffolk-Nassau LAPC meeting there in May. I look forward to seeing how they’ve arranged the collection!

  3. Thanks Lisa. If anyone is interested in seeing firsthand what we did with our Folklore collection, I’d be happy to give a tour.


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