Homeschooling and Teacher Resource Collection

In an effort to meet the needs of a large, active and organized homeschooling community, the Family Department of the Rogers Memorial Library in Southampton has developed a new Homeschooling and Teacher Resource Collection.

The collection is the brain child of Claudia, Assistant Supervisor in the Family Department. She has worked at the library for over 20 years and is currently pursuing her M.L.S. Claudia was presented with a school assignment to develop a new (fictitious) collection, and a budget to support it. Rather than a fictitious collection, the Family Department staff decided to explore whether a homeschooling collection might meet a community need while remaining within the confines of their budget. After reviewing hundreds of sources, assessing existing in-house library titles, and conducting focus groups with the local homeschooling community, the collection is now comprised of approximately 100 titles. Some of these titles are new and others have simply been moved and re-catalogued. In the fall of 2011, a program designed specifically for this audience will highlight and offer assistance with navigating its many resources.

Many in both the homeschooling and general teaching community have been directed to the collection and Rogers Memorial staff members have received much positive feedback in the short time it has been on their shelves.

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